Drug Aware YCulture Regional

Drug Aware YCulture Regional

Performers from Mandurah’s youth theatre company, Riptide, developed performance techniques at a series of Lecoq Masterclasses. Photo: James Breen.

Drug Aware YCulture Regional offers grants for young people aged 12-26 to fund community arts projects in regional WA across all art forms.

Up to $4,000 is available for all applicants in regional WA, and applicants living north of the 26th parallel (above Shark Bay) or in very remote WA can apply for up to $6,000.

This grant is available throughout the year to support skills development for young people, including but not limited to workshops and masterclasses across any artform – encompassing music, all forms of visual art, costume design, scriptwriting, textiles, street art, theatre performance, film, dance, photography, new media and animation.

The funds can cover project costs including artist fees, artist travel and accommodation, materials, promotional costs, documentation including photography and videography, equipment hire and venue hire.

Drug Aware YCulture Regional projects are driven entirely by young people under the auspices of a local organisation such as a Shire, a community group or an arts organisation. The young applicants write the application, put together a budget, coordinate artists, manage logistics and submit the acquittal.

Key dates

  • Applications are due six weeks before a project begins
  • Applicants are notified with a result within 10 days of submitting an application
  • Project Journals (acquittals) are due four weeks after a project’s completion

How to apply

  • 1. Read the Drug Aware YCulture Regional Guidelines
  • 2. Contact Project Officer Fleur Hardy at 1800 811 883 (regional freecall) or 9200 6200, or via email at fhardy@regionalartswa.org.au to discuss your idea
  • 3. Start your application online through SmartyGrants

Links and downloads

Previously funded projects

This funding program is peer-assessed by an external panel. The Investment Panel is made up of members from across the state and provides diverse coverage of Western Australian arts. You can see the full list of assessors here.

Drug Aware YCulture Regional is funded by Healthway to promote the Drug Aware message.

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